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Welcome to LCDPS! We are an Xbox Live Clan for Grand Theft Auto 4 "The Original" and "TBOGT". We role-play and that means we will play as realistically as possible. Police officers will work together to prevent crime that the crooks are creating ranging from traffic stops to pursuits, disturbances, Terrorism attacks and anything you can think of within reason of clan rules. . . Don't miss out on the action so sign up today and get trained to be placed into the department you want to be in, think you got what it takes? Then send in an application.

"Hello, Welcome to the LCPDS! I am the Commissioner. I put my best foot forward and tries to keep this clan as professional and fun as possible. I'm always online everyday without fail this clan will gradually become better and better as members increase, reputation increases. The more members we have the better the fun. We currently accept members at the age of 13 or over, under the conditions that you are able to be mature and understand the consequences that follow your actions should you fail to abide by the rules."
- Commissioner Raymond, Thank you for choosing the LCDPS !!!!
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